Outtakes from Farm and Wilderness LP Recordings


We would like to share with you these wonderful outtakes. The Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra (CCDO) has some outtakes from two earlier F&W (Farm and Wilderness) LP recordings: CANTERBURY COUNTRY DANCE ORCHESTRA (the blue album) and MISTWOLD, and from various other events. The reasons for not including these cuts is because there was not enough room on the LPs for them, or the recordings were private and not intended for release on LP or CD. Thanks to Tom Curran for gathering this together. 

Rickett’s Hornpipe

This tune has its own dance. Triple proper. Forward six and back, circle six hands halfway/ Forward six and back again, circle six left back to place/ Down the center and back, cast off/ Right and left with couple above.

Sprig of Shillelagh (Black Joak)

An irregularly phrased Irish jig, 8 measures A music, 10 measures for the B. It is the same tune we call Black Joak, also irregularly phrased A music 6 measures, B music 10. It is used for a morris dance from Adderbury as well as for a circle dance from Yorkshire and an early American contra dance.

The German Beau

Another Irish irregularly phrased reel, part of a set called The Three Tunes. Notice the French Horn.

Kalendara Kolo

Back in the day when we were attracting 150 or more to the dances in Fitzwilliam and Francestown, I used to do some kolos between contras. I had some musicians who knew that music. Probably four dances…Ersko, Critcy Tea Cup (not its real name) Kalendara, Jako. I didn’t teach the dances…just got down and did them and everyone followed. They loved them. When we recorded our famous blue LP, The Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra at the Middlesex School chapel in Concord Massachusetts, some of us came back from lunch before the others. And, fooling around, recorded Kalendara. We liked it well enough to use on the LP. (Ralph Page said it was our only falling from grace.) Later we played it a concert at Middlesex and that is the outtake here.

The Nutting Girl

A morris dance tune played as a polka.

The Ash Grove

This music can waltz by itself.  

The musicians are:  

  • Bob McQuillen, piano
  • Pete Colby, banjo, auto harp
  • April Limber, fiddle
  • Jack Sloanaker, bass
  • Larry Delorier
  • Jerry Werhner, mandolin
  • Nicholas S. Howe, fiddle
  • Dave Fuller, accordion 
  • Dudley Laufman, melodeon, accordion, fiddle
  • Jack Perron, fiddle
  • Charlene Fagelman, flute
  • Vince O’Donnell, fiddle, electric guitar
  • Art Bryan, guitar
  • Dick Van Cleek, French horn
  • Ted Levin, Fiddle
  • Deanna Stiles, flute, piccolo
  • Fred Breunig, fiddle

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