At age 88, Dudley is still fully engaged in a
70-year career as a dance caller for
local country dances throughout
New England.

Dudley has the rare ability to both call a
dance while also playing an instrument.  
He plays melodeon, harmonica
& sometimes , when his fingers allow,
his fiddle at old town halls,
farmer's markets, folk festivals,
weddings, barn dances,
kitchen junkets and for the
Canterbury morris dance team.
Dance Caller
located in central
New Hampshire
 Copyright 2017Lindsay Holden
Photography & Content

Video of "The Ride"

Dudley Laufman​
2009 National Heritage Fellow 
Dance Schedule & Events
​(see below)

National Endowment for the Arts
​Washington, DC
​for preserving traditional
New England music & dance

Our country's highest honor
in the folk arts